Saturday, December 5, 2009


we went to the movies.we saw a movie about lieing.what have you lied to me about i wonder.we all went swimming at naths.i saw your chest.i saw its whiteness.but it didnt bother me.i was afraide to look at you at first.afraid i would stare.but when i did.i was content with the fact that it was perfect, to me it looked like something comforting but also have abbs when you want to but the flatness of your stomach doesnt turn me off.its somehow more of an attraction really.i was embarressed by my own body.unsure what you would think of kept looking at me and i nearly always caught you.but it was didnt look away, not without a few more seconds of looking at me while i knew.whenever i looked at you i always noticed your eyes.perfect sky felt right having them looking at me.i was cold.the veins in my legs revealing themselves with outright came over and hugged me.for a long time it felt like, we just stood next to one thinks were going out the way we act.its awkward but somehow not in a bad way.i worry too much, i do not confident and you are but arent at the same time.i dont know how to act and i spend too long thinking of something im about to me out, be more like nathan.learn from was like a party of four.the way we were all so happy and carefree for that time.and then it ends with a game of pool and the hugs of goodbye.

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