Friday, December 11, 2009


car journeys.i remember them.just me and in a singlet,shorts and a cardigan or sometimes just a bra, shorts and a in a heaped pile on the floor.lolly snakes strayed all over the for for me.the rest;out the window.we could take the long way or we could take the short way.we always took the long blaring until we got to neighbourhoods where embarressment took over my mum while i sat there singing and flashing everyone the paleness of my plump breast peeping out from under my bra.sunglasses on and hair in a mess.the wind in my face felt revitalizing and refreshing and the conversations we had were forgotten but always interesting.once we got to the drive of my mums childhood home and my grandparents fort we left our shit in a heap in the car and grabbed our shoes.we didnt put them on though we just held mum fixing her hair and in a heaped mess waiting at the hair and painted toe-nails.sunglasses still on and stomach bare for everyone to see.but always greeted just the same and always welcomed in.

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