Thursday, December 10, 2009


oh my awkwardness at all.ok ill start from the beginning.i go and sit on a table and everyone comes over and grabs a stool and we just sit there talking.brady comes over tells me to move over and sits next to me.after a while i get tired of sitting up and lean on brady.brady puts his arm around me.behind me.i bunch him on the leg so he punches me on the top of the thigh almost to my v'jay'jay.this goes on for a while.he moves his arm and hand and has 2 fingers under my ass.everynow and then he grabs my ass.i dont care, its brady.noddi starts filming us and says "whats doug going to think of this" i laugh it off and dont really give a shit.dan moves over so someone else can sit with us aswell but can now also see where bradys hand leaning on bradys chest.brady moves his arm up around my shoulders.the other frigid girls stand there and stare and make some comments which brady loudmouths back to.the guys,they dare him to grab my boob.i dont care, he grabs it and sort of plays with it in a way.i still dont care for some reason.we sat there and i should feel like such a skank etc but it feels good it feels alright.for one of my closet guy friends to do this but not my boyfriend it means something to me.bradys had his hand down my top, hes grabbed my ass, hes grabbed my boobs.whats going to happen once doug finds out.i dont want to be with him anymore anyway.
did me and brady seriesly look like we were going out.probably.

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