Wednesday, December 2, 2009


people had to tell you how to hug me today.isnt that just a human instinct.but i guess;your different.your someone else.your someone who isnt going to turn out working at a fast food shop at 23.your someone who wouldnt cheat on me, or pressure me,not stick up for me.your best friend tells me to piss off and you get up and tell him to stop being a dick.thank you.someone punches me on the arm and you say "oii leave her alone alright".even if it is muking care and thats all i really need to thinking about you right thinking about how you leave your arms resting on the lower half of my back and im thinking about how when you know im down you come over and have fun with me.i like you;;more than i thought i did yesterday.and im glad i have Rachelle to tell all this to.

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