Tuesday, December 8, 2009


just like that. and i dont want to go out with you anymore.i know that seems heartless and wrong.but i dont know how to explain it.i feel nothing towards you in a couple way but in a friend way i will always cherish you.some people hate being single.they are desperate for love.single to me is good.not saying that being in love isnt.but to me when im single i dont feel so bad when perving on other guys and i can bag you out without feeling like a bad girlfriend.its going to be tough.i want to say it to your face but i dont know if i can.everyone will call me dog.but most people know ive never been to enthusiastic about being with you.yes, im a total bitch yehh i know, but ive thought about it, really, i trully have.im just praying to god you havent bought me a christmas present because how am i suppose to break up with you when your about to give me a gift.
sweet disposition-the temper trap
book-like i give a frock
the weirdest bit is people probably think im upset in some sort of way about this unfortunate event of my feelings changing, but to tell you all the truth, im in a lovely mood.

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